1952 at the Diamonds

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1952 at the Diamonds

Post by jhscarborough » Sun March 4, 2012, 6:06 pm

Taken sometime in 1952, or so I am told, this is a view of the trains that were always stacked up across from the depot. That is to say, from the photographer's position the depot is to your left (visible in the reflection of the Harriman passenger car). Off in the distance is the coal tower, called a tipple, that sat west of the old round house, which was in turn west of Boyd Lake Road.

In the foreground are four of the six diamonds where the NSEW lines crossed; the Hub of the Seaboard. To your right the lines would take you to the park in Maxton and points east; behind you is the line to Osborn and eventually to the Sunshine State, and to your left you could get to Monroe where Bowman's Restaurant served a cup of coffee worthy of the train crew's attention.

The concrete block building right of the three consists was a supply room for passenger trains being cleaned and re-supplied with necessities and the water tower, supplied from a deep well beneath, held 2600 gallons of go juice. The visible car in the middle is an observation car from the Silver Meteor.Image
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Where have you been Joe?? Welcome back.

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