News Messenger 4

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News Messenger 4

Postby David » Mon January 9, 2017, 8:31 pm

1960 Feb 17.jpg
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1961 Jan. 16.jpg
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1963 Feb 10.jpg
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1964 Aug 20.jpg
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1965 April 29.jpg
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freddie hassler
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Re: News Messenger 4

Postby freddie hassler » Sat January 14, 2017, 11:06 pm

The Excepts from News Messenger 20 years ago in Hamlet(dated Thursday Feb.11,1943 )about Joe Balock and Paul Boyd , I did know about, Paul Boyd told me himself about the two going into the Navy together, Paul said Joe was the smartest man he had ever known. I bet everybody in Hamlet knew both of them Paul did work for SAL RR.for a short time and didn't like it, only place that I knew were he worked was at the Concession Stand @Boyd Lake. he taught me and my brother Robbie how to swim, We two brothers were at Boyd Lake just about everyday since we had Season tickets(Paid for by our future Dad, Dan Smith, who lived next door to us in Longwood Park)Yep Mrs. Boyd help raise us, allway's had food for us, and made sure we behaved

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