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When somebody dies, a cloud turns into an angel
and flies up to tell God to put another flower on
a pillow. A bird gives the message back to the
world, and sings a silent prayer that makes the
rain cry. People disappear, but they never really
go away. The spirits up there put the sun to bed,
wake up grass, and spin the earth in dizzy circles.
Sometimes you can see them dancing in a cloud
during the day-time, when they're supposed to be
sleeping. They paint the rainbows and also the
sunsets and make waves splash and tug at the tide.
They toss shooting stars and listen to wishes.
And when they sing windsongs, they whisper to us,
don't miss me too much.
The view is nice and I'm doing just fine.


Milton Herndon
Shirley Ezzell Galloway
Doris Graham Singletary
Nancy McDonald English
Donald Smith
Felicity Mudd Adams
Peggy Jean Norton
Lilli Gill Gross Poston
Carolyn Billingsley Griffin
Mildred Beck O'Tuel
Robbie Reid Mathis
Garnet Burns
Marcia Allen Bryce
Carolyn (Austin) Murray
Frances (Long) McDaniel
Emma Jo Shaw
Willard "Buck" Mitchum
Hubert McManus
Mary Ella Burr Fristachi
Shirley Crump Bolling
Bobby (Hill) Atkinson
Ann Safrit Barrington
George Glass
Alice Bassinger Scholl
Betty Keziah Atkinson
Anita Bryson Collins
George Bryce
Jerry Sim
Ruby Soloman Ashworth
Audrey Thompson Hornaday
Martin Bruce King
Fay Fowler
Anne Ritter Honeycutt
Ruth Poston
Thomas Caulder



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