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A place for you to share memories and information on the history and happenings of Hamlet, NC.

Bruce's Tales

Hamlet Tales
by: Bruce Osburn

We thank Bruce for giving his approval to post his Tales.


Things Remembered

     My memories are nothing more than fragments of information stored away somewhere in my brain.  I don't have any control over them; they just pop up from time to time to remind me of what once was.  Most are just snippets of information about an event and some are the result of merging several events into one longer memory.  I'd be hard pressed to relate what happened just before or after one of my memories for I'd be able to recall only that part of an event that was unusual or - do I dare say it? - memorable.  And, I confess, some of my memories still exist simply because I've told of them so often.

     Some of my memories are of fun things; things that gave me pleasure.  And then there are the sad memories; the ones that made people cry.  Some events were insignificant and of no consequence while others had life-long effects on my behavior because the important things I remembered from my young years guided my behavior in my adult years.

     I invite you to step back in time with me to an era when life seemed much less complicated, a time when families visited on Sundays because that's what kinfolk were supposed to do.  There was no better way to keep in touch with brothers or sisters and aunts or uncles.  Read one of my memories; maybe it'll remind you of your young years.  And, who knows? - maybe you'll want to read more.





The Old Swimming Hole

fun and near tragedy, ca 1950-51

Hanging out time

young years in Hamlet, 1948-53

Wild Man of Borneo

a terrifying day at the fair, ca. 1948

Buttercup Ice Cream

....was good! 1948-50

The Grape Tree

encounter in the woods, 1948-52

Our Pond

boats, frogs & snakes, 1948-53

Liles Lake

a fun place, 1948-52

Pansy Fetner

a school remembered, 1948-50

The School Bus Route

and kids I remember, 1948-53

The Lumberjacks

child labor? early summer 1952

Survival Skills

and useful info, 40s - 50s

Pig Tails

and copper pennies, early 50's

Drive-In Theaters

fun for the family, 1948-53

The Paratrooper

excitement from above, 1951

Guns Guns, part I

and more guns, 1948-53

Guns Guns, part II

and more guns, 1948-53

Lackey Street

where memories were made, '48-'53

Trains & Hobos

handouts & secret signs, '48 - '53

Our Neighbors

the Helton family, 1950-53

Uncle Richards' Farm

life as a sharecropper, 1950-51


sweet voice of sadness, '40s - '50s

Radio & Uncle

2 quick tales, 40's - 50's

The Good Old Days

a myth exposed, 1944 - 1953

The High Hat Club

surprise in a booth, late 40s, 50s

The Boogerman

and other spooks, 1940s

The Matriarch

my Aunt Cecil, 1920's - 2001

Saturday Baths

in tubs & creeks, 1940s


a community that was - 1910-60s

Visits to the Dentist

open wide, 1948-53

Hamlet Avenue School

games & a fool's errand, '50 - '53

Things that go bump in the night

and mysterious lights, 1950-52

Mischievous buddies

Aulton, Arlo & Bruce

Mom's sweet voice

would bring us home, 1948-53

Dangerous Playgrounds

and stupid experiments, 1948-53

School Bus Hi-Jinks

old number 10, 1948-53

Our House

cold nights & mashed toes, '48-'53

The little engine that could

failed inventions, 1949-52


and home remedies, 1948-53

Our Chevy Truck

faithful til the end, 1948-53

Santa Claus & Gene

don't tell the kids, 1943-44


not easily impressed, 1951-52

How I became invisible

the day the devil got me, 1943

Hog killing time

disturbing revelation, 1948-53

That old house

lured us kids, 1950-51

The hen doctor

where's them eggs? 1943

Sunday smokers & spitters

dibs on that butt, 1948-53

Mr. Knight

no slacker, he - 1948-53

Rockingham Railroad

a secret worth keeping, 1951

Harley Davidson

and treasure hunts, 1949-50

Roller Skates

and a prankster uncle, 1950

My 2 speed bicycle

quick change sprockets, 1950-52


a generous girl, 1950

Too many hamsters

where'd they go? - 1950

Games we played

taking a flying leap, 40s-50s

Shooting Pool

one bag of collards, please - 1951 

Copper Treasure

looks can be deceiving - 1952 

A Southern Tradition

our legacy - 1948-53 


my punishment - 1948 

The Maintenance Man

My dad - 1948-50 

Pig's Place

Penny bubble gum, 40's-50's 

Trick or Treat

Bull Durham remembered - 1952

Visits to the Doctor

Emergencies only, 1948-53

Snakes I have known

and the sham cobra, 1948-53


Why 2 holes? 1943

Baby Sitting

and stinky diapers, 1951-53

T. Texas Tyler Brooks

Hupmobile and banjos, 1950-53

Party Favors

I'd rather have cake, 1950-51

Chewing Tobacco

don't forget to swallow... 1943

Black Beauty

the ebony venus, ca. 1952

Old Man Jim Patrick

My grandad, 1880-1959

Comic Books

bane or boon? 1948-52

Our Tractors

toys for the big boys, 1945-50

Red Bird's Fence

a shocking surprise, 1948-50

Things I remember

short anecdotes, 1943-1950s

Corporal Punishment

running in circles, late 40s, early 50s

Strickland's Place

at the forks, 1940s - 50s

A Country Church

Ghosts and more, 1943-44


and their several uses, 1950 


A close call, 1973

Making Donuts

Out in the cornfield, 1974

 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

A Carolina favorite, 1950s

Wild Hogs and screw worms

Waycross, Ga - 1955

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