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A place for you to share memories and information on the history and happenings of Hamlet, NC.

Burnell's Scrapbook
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The man in the story was named Raymond Dilda, not Bilda. He was married to my aunt, whose name is also misspelled, Bessie McKeithan.
The first time she ever saw him was when she paid her money to look down into the hole. We, as children, and adults, were forbidden to ever
mention the incident to Uncle Raymond, because it would anger him so much if it was brought up. Aunt Bessie and Uncle Raymond moved
 to Maryland, just outside of DC, where they raised four children, and Uncle Raymond worked for the federal government, though I am not sure
in what capacity. Uncle Raymond was originally from Wilson County, which is where he lived when he died. I have never known what the fellow 's
 name was that ran off with the money, but I can understand how foolish and humiliated Uncle Raymond must have felt. What is even more
 interesting is that the hole must have been pretty long, as Uncle Raymond was well over six feet tall. All you were able to see when you looked
 down into the hole was his head.
Just wanted to clarify,
Vivian McKeithan Jenkins


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