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A place for you to share memories and information on the history and happenings of Hamlet, NC.

Hamlet Times




Do you remember these Hamlet times?

Hamlet’s Annual Pet Parade.
The sawdust pile behind John Williamsons Pinecroft
Miss Hida’s (Cato) dance recitals

Smiley at Green’s Grill
Henry who delivered groceries for Lile’s Grocery in his pickup. Brought them into your kitchen for you.
Joule Cooter Weatherly
Wingate Williamson Dentist giving out coupons for free ice cream cone at Mabry’s Drug store if you were good for him
Special trains to the State Fair in Raleigh
The ice storm in the late 60’s – almost a week with no power and downed Pine trees everywhere
The Pixie Pantry on US 177 owned by Prentice Taylor
Old phone booth at the Seaboard Hotel
1 cent candy and 5 cent cokes at Harrington's
Dunlap's Grocery Store
Bishop's Pond
Bradshaw's #2
The Pantry
Dr. Womack and his puppets at First Presbyterian Church
A & P store's dish give away
Goodwyn's Gas Station
Playing ball on Bauersfield Street at the Lindsay's
Merry-go-round at Convenience Corner
Sneaking into closed Boyd lake and finding very old McCall's and Cosmopolitan magazine which I still have. They were dated from the 50's and 60's. Being able to ride my bike all over town.
Riding on the CSX trains that went past my home all hours of the days and nights.
Taking my husband to see the railroad museum for the first time. I went there a lot as a kid. I loved the model of the town and train. R C Cola plant on Hamlet Ave next to Crump's gas station.

Class of '67 "Three Musketeers" - Barbara Millikin, Beth Tilghman, and Emilie Stone
Class of '67 - Willie Brown, Bill Stroupe, Alan Howe, Clint Sullivan, all lost too soon.
Miss Jackson's 8th grade class - bless her heart...
Glee Club practice with Michael Howe - what a hoot!!
The HHS Sandspur newspaper
The Juniorettes, "children" of Madeline Jones, leader of the Hamlet Women's Club
Hi-Y and Y-Yeen Initiations
First Methodist Church and the Sunday night MYF meetings
John and Lib Tilghman of Cherry Street in Pinecroft, Best of the Best!
Building the "Trojan Horse" float in Betty James' driveway
Birmingham's after school
Class of '67 Mr. and Miss HHS, Richard Stone and Diane Ballard, and still together!
Slow dancing at the VFW Hut
Hernando's Hideaway, scene of the Senior Prom for Class of '67
French classes with Mrs. Gamble
Algebra classes with Mr. Ray Shaw
Trig classes with Coach Oldham
Latin classes with Mrs. Gordon
Riding horses in Stewart Gordon's driveway
Riding the Seaboard on Mama and Daddy' passes
Louis McCaskill's score on the SATs - highest to date in '66
Mr. Haltiwanger, Principal, HHS, from Mom's (Lib Brown Tilghman) time in '38 to retirement in my time (Beth Tilghman Plunket) in the 1960's
First loves - Willie Brown, 1st grade; Ronnie Reynolds, 5th grade; Randy Boyette, 10th grade
Carpooling to Pembroke for college summer school with Sammy Williamson and John Bill Brittingham
Kay's and Gaddy's

1969 Hamlet High School Chorus starting out on risers wearing robes with stoles to sing Beethoven and stripping down to tie-dye and body paint to sing “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ from Hair to a standing ovation followed by an encore.
Dry-cleaning delivered at the front door by Ed ____?
Groceries delivered to the back door by ________?
Piano lessons at Mrs. Uzzell’s house in Pinecroft.
Sitting on the front stoop to watch the last of the thunder storm that had wiped out electric service in Pinecroft.
The smell of rain on hot pavement during a summer storm.
Sandspurs and stinging nettle and the bare feet of summer.
The aurora borealis in the sky over the summer garden.
The tile floor, tables and chairs, and wonderful smells of the ice cream counter at Mabry’s Drug.
Dr. Garrison’s office for shots and checkups.
Mrs. Bauersfeld, substituting that day, asking, not if I was as smart as my sister Deborah, or my cousins Sherry, John, Savannah, or Susan, but, was I as smart as my     Uncle Sterling?!?
Micajah Pickett McCaskey
Coach telling my skirt was too short – on a dress my mom had made for me.
Assembly in the gym for an apology from the perpetrators who had written on the gym roof.
Daddy sitting at home on the couch following some tragic accident on the line.
My mom giving rides to all the kids at Fairview Heights Elementary School in her new Volkswagon bus, the bus also used to transport many a little league team and Civil Air Patrol group.
Pop Nettles’ taxi service.
The mournful sound of the wrecker the night of the runaway train.
Kindergarten with Mrs. White, Mrs. Conner, and Kitty Benoy at the piano including ‘Gay Nineties Review’ and ‘Babes in Toyland’ graduations.
Hamlet High School Chorus singing in the choir loft for Michael Craddock’s funeral.
Grocery shopping at The Colonial Store.
Reverend J. B. Willis at First Baptist Church, followed by Rev. Ben Broadway.
Christmas Parades
Being on the playground when JFK was assassinated.
Standing in the cafeteria line for those delicious homemade meals.
Driving in the middle of the night to deliver ‘lunch’ to the North Yard.

Saturday afternoon double features, Westerns, at the theater, filled with 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

Bill West’s Esso Service
Hamlet City Lake Fishing From Adirondack Chairs Sitting In Lake
Pernell Mcgirt’s Fish Bait Shop
Old Cocoa Cola Bottling Company On ’74 Hwy.
Hamlet Yankees Semi-Pro Baseball
Army Manuvers Between Fort Bragg And Fort Campbell Ky.
Hamlet Nursing School
Western Auto Phil Farmer
Hamlet Ballpark At Hwy 38
Rea Express Office & Calvin Farmer
Z.V. Pate Inc.
Stewart Gordon Furniture
Pa Coggins At Hamelt Gin And Supply
Webb’s Fish Camp
Piano lessons with Miss Effie Reade Westcott

Pop Nettle's Taxi Service delivering groceries from the Colonial Store.
Late night phone calls from the railroad's "Extra Board".
25 cents a gallon gas.
Free train rides with dad's Railroad Pass.
Forest fires threatening the evacuation of Hamlet.
"A little bird told me."
Dee’s House of Charm
Doug Gray
Jim Shaw
Mike Carnes
Tommy Rabbit Ears Melton
Lewis Page
Doug PawPaw Haynes
summers at Boyd's Lake
getting ice from ice plant
getting in Saturday matinee at Hamlet Theatre with bottle caps
circling Hub Grill with friends
Hamlet Red Ram pep rallies every Friday in gym
Bradshaw's burgers and fries
Tastee Freez ice cream
Sleddin' on Clay Hill?
Crow's Grocery
Randy Brook's dad and the Christmas Parade songs
Recycling glass soda bottles for cash!
Carl “Bubba” Martin….and his many pranks
Reese Bicycle Shop
Irene’s Beauty Shop
Toady Brigman(Ex Fire Chief and coach of the World Famous “Braves” along with the previously mentioned “Doodle Beck”
Slow dancing to “Hey Paula” at Bobby’s Canteen back in the ‘60’s
Winnie Sapp and her black Studebaker. Still driving at age 87 but no longer in a Studebaker
Apple Pie & cheese at the Hub Grill
Angus Byrne, Brick Mason on Oak St.
Story Time at the Hamlet Library Saturday AM
Buttercup Ice Cream
Winn Dixie grocery store on Main Street
Hill Atkinson's pool hall
Kurt Stubbs (Stubbs Groc.) apple truck on corner of 74 & 38 in the fall -
Paul Ridges (cook) @ Greene's Grill -
Dirt race track
Johnny Greene's Seaboard Review Bag Ladies
Ma Crofton and her cafe.Her home was close to the old Hamlet Hospital, and she had a constant stream of visitors to stop by and talk about the "old times". I believe she knew all the Hamlet residents by their first name.
"The famous Hamlet 'Love Train' "
Dr. Roy Adams, dentist
Mrs. Sarah Bell in the office at Hamlet Hospital and with W.D. James Inc.
Kitty Adeimy, Carol Clark, and Martha Bell
Mimi Garrison
Susie Powell
Mrs.Margie's and Mrs.Patsy's Nursery School
School started in the fall. The Monday after Labor Day.
Summers seemed like a long time
Doodle Beck
Mrs.McLaughlin Piano Teacher
Miriam Taylor
Herbert and Mary Helen McManus
D.A.Knight and the water department
Esteen Turnage, his woodworking and his Bible
Ben Pedersen, his cowboy hat and his Bible
Johnny Gainey
Arthur Hendricks Homebuilder
Maceo McEachern
Moon Mullins and Charlie Ash
All those Roscoe boys
All those Wheeler boys
All the Hamlet Nortons
Campaigning for Dr.Bill in his bid for Senate seat
Riding your bike to the library for summer reading
Roland Altman and his big family
The last time Mr.Caskey came to a basketball game at the HHS gym. The crowd stood, applauded and the game was stopped until crowd sat down. Students were allowed to get out of school to attend his funeral.
Sissy Cashion and friends climbing the water tower and later being a contestant in local beauty pageant. Mike Pruden designed her dress.
Claudia Chandler first runner up in Miss North Carolina Pageant.
Michael Howe
All the Pete’s Howe’s in Hamlet
Robbie Pait and his Rambler
Picture day at school
Margaret Greene Stewart
Brenda Putnam and her Southern Home and creative parties. She is missed
Ruth Land and her Southern charm. She and Miss. Emily were at same charm school
Mr.Tudor and the A@P
Mr.Gillis and the Colonial Store
All the times cars ran into the Bradshaw home on the corner of Spring Street
Mr.Caskey and his temper and the speed of light
Mr. Brooks and those bug collections.
Hobo Frye bus driver
Record shop on Hamlet Avenue
Christmas parades when it was cold and there were real floats
All the Terry crowd on Hwy 74- Kampus Kourts
Vacation Bible School for a whole week
Eddie Hughlet and his touchdown going the wrong way
Mitch Greene wearing her cape and nurses cap walking to work at Dr.Queens
Dr.Queen and his bow tie
Prentice Taylor and his politickin”
Dr.Bill James. Senator, doctor, dad, strong opinions and a Tarheel. Hamlet’s biggest dreamer for health care.
Mrs. Butt and her Vicks salve for her throat
Mrs. Pait on the intercom with the daily devotion
Margaret Smart, talented musical lady and devoted mother. She is sorely missed.
David Freeman and his railroad talk
Mrs. James home in the woods behind the nursing school
Janet James Lindsey and her smile and kind words
Carroll Garner and his stories
Rev. Scott Turner and 2nd Baptist Church
Gilbert Maples and his strong faith
Robert Keeter, Hobby Cato, Skipper Allen,
Mr. Hampton and drivers ed
Mary Kay Ollis, girls gym coach
Walking home from school, no cars to carry us around
The original exclusive members of The Benedict Club
Mr. and Mrs. John Boney Sr.
Gordon Monroe, baseball leader and follower
George Whitfield and his many talents
Louise Stone and her soft spoken grace
Lackey Furniture Store
Land Furniture Store- long ago on Hamlet Ave.
Dr.Pearce and his fine wife, Lois. No better people could you find
Nell and Martin Brown
The Land Twins
Going to the movies at the Opera House. Fred Kirby made an appearance on a Saturday morning
Brenda Booker throwing her baton up into the stands at the football game
Cheerleaders singing Hoorah for Hamlet
Earl Yates, football star
Maypole Dance
Mr. Meacham at the post office
Mr.Meacham at the barber shop
Doc and Ruby Smart
Speedy Wallace
Papa Joe Allen and Snowball
Robert Short and his weejuns. He is missed
Adelaide Browns beauty shop
Mrs.Kelly’s Store
Mrs. Connie’s cloth shop|
Marion Ormsby and her children’s shop
Jack Kendall
Candy Kitchen
Going home for lunch
Mrs.Hatfield and the lunchroom
Mrs. Hughelet and the HHS library
Cruising Tom and Sarah’s and ordering a “Zip”
Nelson and Jane White
The cost of the birth of a child $125
Sarges fried chicken
Mrs. Neimyer and her glasses
Ricky Rhinehart. Gene Tyson, Charles Tucker and Bill Griggs
Clint Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Garrison
Coachman and Four
Hamlet News Messenger and Roger Simmons
Bus Station on Hamlet Avenue
Lois Pate and her artwork
Woodrow Gunter and his hat
The Shantellas- Carroll Riggans was the lead singer. Members were Willard Page, Tommy West, Tommy Tew and Bobby Killian
The Grab
Hallums Furniture Store, Joe Ward
Robert Demay Company on 74
Sarah Belle Holmes and Coca Cola
Martha Killian and her Southern roots
Steen Watch Repair
Dentist would come to school and work on students teeth
Mrs. Cowan’s home.finest receptions and parties in town
The many Ballard boys
Sammy Williamson and his drawings of castles. He sold candy before school in the supply room.
Mrs. Fincher, mgr. of Roses. Who swiped the cabbage candy? Only Linda Bankhead knows ??
Listening to music on the juke box upstairs at Boyd Lake and dancing on the wooden floors.
Sneaking across the street to Bradshaws. Mr. Bradshaw helping you hide.
Colie Milson throwing spit balls in study hall
Hobby Cato’s orange blossom car
Frog and the Hub.
Phyliss Hodges crowned Homecoming Queen on football field during halftime. She left us too soon.
Porthole Norton and Linda Bankhead spotlight dancers on Kilgo’s Canteen. Everybody expected Porthole to do his
famous “dirty dog”. He did us proud. A true gentleman’s performance. He could have put on a show. He is missed. Those were the days.
Rosalie Graham arranging for HHS couples to be on Kilgo’s Canteen in Charlotte. Saturdays at 12 noon. Ethelda and her hand- picked group.
Bullwinkle’s picture suddenly appearing on the roof of the gym. The assembly that followed by the artists in crime.
Field trips to the Buttercup Ice Cream plant. We could eat any of the ice cream they were making.
Tom and Sarah's
Apple Pie w/cheese at The Hub
Draggin' Main
Friday night dances in the gym after the football game
Aberdeen Lake
Shaggin' upstairs at Boyd's Lake
Mrs. Bauersfeld doing The witches scene from Macbeth...
Blowing your horn driving under the underpass on Spring St.
Y-Teen initiation
Washington Ave .kids digging tunnelsRiding your bike to South Carolina to get fireworks.
Sledding on Clay Hill
Johnny Green's dancing school on Saturday Mornings
Walking to you friends/neighbors house to spending the afternoon.
Front porch visits on a spring Sunday, after church and lunch, of course.
Standing in line around the corner at Hamlet Barber shop, waiting to get into the Saturday afternoon matinee...
Sandlot baseball
Swimming at Boyd’s Lake
Coach Whitfield's wind sprints.
Sliding down the pole at the old fire station.
Hamlet High
milkshakes at Birmingham's
Green's Grill for Sunday lunch
Seaboard Festival
Fireworks at the City lake July 4th
Purity Cafe
Coach Bubba Martin
Ricky Fetner (always a smile) we miss you
Ruby & John's
Fayeteville Street School (Grasshopper College)
Judy Bankhead crowned Homecoming Queen. Jimmy Rassette was her sponsor on that Friday night, Oct.30th, 1964-65 season.
Sandra Bolch was voted Homecoming Princess on this same homecoming weekend. Her sponsor was her high school sweetheart, Lowery Ballard.
Nanny Farmer and her moo-moos.
Bill Black and his cigar
Hobby Cato and Diane Honeycutt have auto accident during the 64' school year. Diane is in hospital with injuries.
Leonard Rea Service Station
When we listened to records on the Hi-Fi
Kenny Robertson,Woody Gunter,Lowery Ballard, Mike Jacob and Keith Nash picked as -Rams of the Week- during the 1964 football season.Coach Caskey had the best of the best
Nookie Quinn, Herbie Long were stars on the -7th and 8th grades- Midgets team.
Dr.Giles and Judy Cloninger
Grace Phifer, prim and proper. Fine lady
Girls wore skirts or dresses to school. Boys wore their shirts tucked in. No questions asked.
Ellis Atkinson, Toby Brown, Steve Meacham
Arlo Caulder
Toby Brown, WKDX dj and friend to all
Ricky Carnes and buddy Carolyn Caulk
Donnie, Ronnie Crooke and Richard Brown
William Duer Frye
Johnny Jackson, Mike Craddock, Billy Newman, Sherrill Ormsby . They are missed.
Short's TV Repair
Clontz Beauty Shop
Going to Crawford's Lake on hot summer day.
Roger Stewart, Tommy Mauldin, Eddie Hughlet, Johnny Wilke, Chaneyball, Jimmy Quinn. Hamlet buddies with stories to tell.
Mrs. Esther Terry at Hamlet Hospital
falling up the stairs changing classes at HHS
bonfires on the school grounds to celebrate homecoming
Roland Altman and his large family
Red Ram stuffed animal awarded as prize for magazine selling
The Trailways float in the Christmas parade
Dr. Bill seeing patients, regardless of appointment, by who looked the sickest in the waiting room
Gilbert Maples and his prayer of commission and omission. A fine Christian man and a good father
Loree White and Marlene riding bicycles all over town. Loree was a fine lady
Melva Hamilton
Richard Conder and his tree watching
Crowell Poplin and his burg. worn out truck. He is still doing ceramic tile work
Wayne Gilmer Hamlet High's smartest graduate
Mrs. Butt's comment the day President Kennedy died. He will be re-elected now ! We feel sure she was a republican.
The Debate Club
Being invited to an event with friends, getting all ready and they didn't pick you up. Not a funny joke, was it?
Myrtle Stogner and home economics
Lewis Laundromat
Mrs. Kelly's Store (across from Legion Park)
Walter Millikin selling cars in his backyard and his straight back chair.
Sweetie Pedersen
Candy Kitchen on West Hamlet AvenueCabin at Ledbedders Lake 1960-62...Freddy Avett, George Cox, O.W. Altman, Harold Donaghe, Mike Harris
Being able to thumb from Hamlet to Ocean Drive OD 1961 one or two were sure to catch a ride and make it in 3-4 hours, add that third person and it took for everrrrrrrrrrr...O.W. Altman, George Cox and Harold Donaghe.
Atkinson's Pool Hall
John Coltrane- an American jazz legend- Hamlet's claim to fame.
Marilyn and Carolyn Grooms- HHS twins
Alice Fay and her Colonial Store tennis shoes
Greg Warnock and Clint Sullivan riding their motorcycles. Mary Alice Boggan riding shotgun.
The Longwood Park Gang. The Brigman's, The Greene's, Fussy, Carol, Eddie Huguelet, Brenda, Richard & Skipper Allen,
Harold Donaghe, Winfred & Harold Pence, Jimmy & Roger Stewart, Glenn & Lynn Austin and their sisters, Robbie and
Freddy Hassler, Myrtle Allice Porter
Nolan's Grocery Store at Longwood Park and their little Red Studerbaker delivery truck.
Jackie Booker, the blonde bombshell
Chaneyball Chavis
Alan Jones. A great mind and successful HHS graduate. He left us, too soon.
Harry Bruner and his horses and his tragic end
Sandra Black, Diane Folger, Sherry Dawkins, Christine Keziah, Diane Wheeler, Marlene Lamont
Hoorah for Hamlet, hoorah for Hamlet, someone's in the stand shouting hoorah for hamlet. 1-2-3-4, who you gonna'
stand for? Hamlet that who, rah rah rah.
Ma Greene
Tom Wicker
The Doll Cooper Shop
Stone's Texaco
Hamlet News Stand
Bryson's Men Shop
Martha Richardson, Dr. Garrisons nurse
Red and White Food Stores-Lackey Street
Bruce Brown and his corvette
Freddie Jolly and his hand-painted Coca Cola policeman sign seen on Hamlet Avenue. He did a great job!! What an artist.
Jeffrey MacDonald, famous Fort Bragg killer, out- patient doctor at Hamlet Hospital in the 60's
Jake Covington, Hamlet supporter and businessman. He helped many people in need. The last owner of the Terminal Hotel. He was apart of the Billy Bathgate movie, sweeping the front porch. Loyal Second Baptist Church member and devoted to his community.
Ila Graham
Cassie Williamson
Myrtle Ruth Wright Chaulk and her sister Ethel Mitchell.
Ballard Distributing Company
Jean Singletary and her Rainbow Girls
Hamlet Gin and Supply
Samuels Service Station
Tug Jones
Madeline Jones
Waltzing Ilene Gunter
Neimyer Funeral Home
The Ideal Shop
The Jot-Em-Down Store in Longwood Park run by the Ralph Peele Family
Mary Kay Shop
Jamie Herndon
Sonny Greene and the post office
Sanitary Dry Cleaners home delivery
Louis Graves
Mrs.Hunter Land, her crowning glory-her white hair and her cucumber sandwiches
Midge Simmons and her horses
Roger Simmons and the Hamlet News- Messenger
John Williamson
Fine furniture from Fred Lackey
Mrs. Shaw, Dr. Bills right hand nurse
Emma Lee Utter, hair dresser and high school beauty
Buster Warr
Andrea Turnage, her majorette boots and Rodney
John Fowler and the HHS band
Mrs. McGuirt and the Presbyterian Church
Hughelet's Jewelry Store window with pictures of homecoming candidates
Effie's Ormsby's Photo Studio
Rex Howell
Dr.Red Arnold

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